1. French economist on the buzz rising curve.


  2. Pure ping pong style.


  3. Michelle’s last day at #WyckoffStarr #Bushwick (at Wyckoff Starr)


  4. We hear a lot about Soderbergh’s mash-up of the two Psycho (Alfred Hitchcock and Gus Van Sant’s) but 2 years ago, filmmaker Frank Hudec already developed the idea for the shower scene. Soderbergh’s version to watch on his website.


  5. escapekit:

    Time Slice Series

    Photographer Dan Marker-Moore’s latest project is a series of collages in which a single image is made up of slices of photos taken in a time lapse. 

    (Source: designtaxi.com, via schlgrl)


  6. Lost Brooklyn, a set on my Flickr.

  7. #karaocake (at Japas 38)


  8. #flop (at Morgan Ave)


  9. Screengrabs of Radiohead’s app PolyFauna, made in collabartion with digital artists from Universal Everything. (Available on iOS and Android.)


  10. Stanley Donwood’s latest illustrations for the children book “Holloway”. Stanley has been doing every Radiohead art, from posters to album covers, since 1994.